Join us to prevent early childhood obesity.

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Let's Move! Child Care

Prevent early childhood obesity with our child care program.

“The risk of obesity starts early
in life. Over half of obese children become overweight by the age
of 2, and approximately one in
five children are overweight or
obese by their 6th birthday.”

— The White House Task Force
on Childhood Obesity

Start early, start smart.

We understand the challenges you face as a child care professional, so we want to give you the support you need to give the children in your care a healthier start.

Today's kids are more likely to be overweight or obese.

Three times more children are obese today than just 30 years ago. Now, nearly a third of kids in America are overweight or obese. The rate skyrockets to almost 40% in African American and Hispanic communities. Plus, more and more children are being diagnosed with obesity-related conditions that were traditionally only seen in adults — like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Even more disheartening, many of these kids will experience serious conditions like heart disease, cancer, and stroke as adults.

You can be a child care champion for healthy choices.

Because you’ve dedicated your career to taking care of young children, you have the opportunity to help turn these frightening statistics around. As kids’ bodies and brains develop, they can form unhealthy food preferences and habits that are hard to break. That’s why the First Lady is launching Let’s Move! Child Care — a nationwide call-to-action that empowers child care providers, like you, to make positive health changes in children, early on, that could last a lifetime.