Breastfeeding-Friendly in Childtown

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Sheila, the director of Childtown in Shelbyville, Kentucky, said she always welcomed breastfeeding families in her child care program; however, she did not understand how to fully support these families until she participated in the National Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative (ECELC). As part of her action plan goals, Sheila and her staff decided to transform their storage room into a breastfeeding room. After hard work and dedication from Sheila and her staff, Childtown Child Care now has a private breastfeeding room equipped with a glider, breast pump, magazines, breastfeeding resources and posters, a changing area and a radio.

Sheila says the response from nursing mothers in her program has been wonderful. They have shared how delightful it is to have a comfortable, quiet and private space to feed and bond with their babies. Theresa Cole, one of the mothers, stated, “I was so excited to learn that my children’s childcare center had created a nursing room. Since I work nearby, the opportunity to feed my baby during my lunch break is one of the best parts of my day. When I used the room for the first time, my excitement grew even more. Not only did the room have all of the essentials, but it has so many wonderful details…like music, baby photos, and a pleasant scent. I am so grateful for this space and look forward to many happy moments there with my daughter.”

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