Creative Breastfeeding Space

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Anita runs a small family child care home in her apartment in Virginia. She has limited space as her living room also functions as space for her family child care program. “I had a mother who was breastfeeding her baby. She would often sit in her car or wait until she got home to feed the baby. I would feel bad because often the baby was crying to be fed. I felt like the mom was afraid to ask if she could breastfeed her baby, even though I didn’t mind at all.”

A National Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative (ECELC) trainer met Anita as she was actively recruiting for more children to enroll in her family child care program. Anita and the trainer shared stories of the breastfeeding mom and how she would like to make her program “breastfeeding friendly.” Anita wanted prospective families to visit her program and witness signs encouraging breastfeeding.

Even with limited space, Anita has set up a spot designated for breastfeeding, complete with water and information to read on breastfeeding. She has also added posters to her bulletin board and plans to expand her parent handbook to include breastfeeding information. Anita currently encourages mothers to breastfeed their children while at her program.

“My trainer helped me find the information and resources I needed to make my program how I envisioned it: a place where moms feel comfortable feeding their babies.”

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