Cruising Around in Miami

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Little Cruiser Child Care Center in Miami wanted to focus on increasing physical activity for their infants and toddlers. Staff decided to create better play environments.  The director and teachers put their heads together and thought of ways to add play spaces that infants and toddlers can use indoors and outdoors.  They began to use materials from the ECELC project and First Book to creatively enhance the area. The staff added a new infant space that included mats, playpens, and new infant and toddler toys. Additionally, they displayed infant posters and revised their policies to support infant and toddler physical activity.

Staff shared their knowledge and activities with parents to use at home to increase participation. The responses from the parents and staff were wonderful. The teachers played a huge role in making sure their classroom environment supported physical activity in every way. Now the infants and toddlers can “cruise around” freely in their new play area.


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