Quenching a Thirst

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Melanie Lawton, preschool teacher at Redland Migrant Title 1 Preschool in Miami-Dade County, faced a challenge at her center.  “When the children play outside there is no water fountain, and we have to send them inside one at a time to drink water.” The program tried to figure out a way to get children to drink more water as they engaged in physical activity. Melanie and her team reached out to the parents for support. They asked each parent to send their child with a water bottle for them to use while outside.

“The children loved being able to have their own water bottle. They were eager to drink their water; they even began to drink more water now than before.”  As a way to keep children engaged, one child would be assigned to bring the water bottles out and back inside, which kept the children motivated. They began to take pride in drinking water and began to acknowledge the importance of drinking water.

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