Nourishing Healthy Eaters is an online course for early care and education (ECE) professionals. Course content focuses on:

  • Nutrition concepts
  • Healthy eating behaviors
  • The importance of nutrition in early childhood

Eating behaviors and food preferences begin to develop in early childhood and are strongly influenced by families and adult caregivers. Some food preferences and eating behaviors follow children into adolescence and adulthood. Early care and education (ECE) professionals and child care settings can be a positive influence in shaping eating behaviors. In the Nourishing Healthy Eaters module, participants are challenged to consider their personal food stories, current behaviors and deepen their understanding of food choices and nutrients. Participants then reflect on the role of nutrition and feeding across early childhood developmental domains.

The Nourishing Healthy Eaters course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Users can choose to complete one chapter at a time. The module is highly interactive and includes knowledge assessments, videos, and reflective activities to support learning. Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers are recommended. At the end of the module, participants can print a completion certification and find a list of supplemental resources and the reference page.

For ECE professionals interested in obtaining continuing education units (CEUs), the course is also available for Quorum members on Quorum Learning. Quorum memberships are available at no cost to educators through state sponsorships in: Washington, DC, Alabama, and New Mexico at this time. Any early educator in those states can receive a Quorum membership sponsored by their state.