Breastfeeding Moms Need A Supportive Workplace As Well As A Private Room

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Despite steps being taken to support breastfeeding mothers in the workforce, there are still about 27.6 million women of childbearing age left without the basic necessities to meet their breastfeeding goals. As a result, moms and their infants are missing out on vital health benefits.

In 2015, 4 out of 5 mothers (83.2 percent) began to breastfeed their infants, yet only 36 percent managed to continue breastfeeding for the entire first year of their baby’s life. This is partly due to the lack of support many mothers face when they return to work.

The lack of private space or adequate time to breast pump, coupled with the general discrimination moms often face in the workplace, mean it can often become too overwhelming and stressful for a mom to maintain her pumping goals.

However, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), many employers are required to provide reasonable break time for mothers to express milk for their children up to one year after their birth, as well as a private space that’s separate from a bathroom and free of intrusion from the public and coworkers for the purpose of expressing breastmilk.

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Source: Jennifer Jordan, Romper