Better Together Learning Collaboratives

The Better Together Learning Collaboratives include four modules focused on nutrition and physical activity topics that integrate the online Go NAPSACC program self-assessments and tools into the Learning Collaborative framework. Users can use and adapt these materials to plan and implement their own Learning Collaboratives with ECE programs.

The Better Together Learning Collaboratives bring together Leadership Teams from various early care and education (ECE) programs to learn about healthy habits in ECE settings while sharing experiences with each other and implementing new strategies in their own programs.

The Learning Collaborative framework includes Learning Sessions, followed by Action Periods where the Leadership Team uses the Go NAPSACC 5-Step Improvement Process to assess current program practices, educate fellow staff, and lead staff through a process of change to increase healthy habits.

Learning Sessions:

  • Increase knowledge on how nutrition and physical activity impact children’s health and why the ECE setting is an important place for their inclusion.
  • Provide support for ECE programs to implement best practices in specific content areas.
  • Offer peer networking and learning opportunities.
  • Explore strategies for overcoming common challenges.
  • Provide helpful resources and materials created specifically for ECE programs.

During Action Periods, ECE programs:

  • Complete Go NAPSACC self-assessments to determine current practices and areas for improvement.
  • Share information with other staff and families.
  • Receive support from consultants to develop action plans and implement new strategies.
  • Document change in their ECE program.

Through the Learning Collaboratives, ECE program staff connect with trainers and each other to create healthier environments for young children.